Nutritional Therapy & Natural Medicine

About me

Isabella Perry
B Tech (Hons) D N Med D Iridol

Wholistic Nutritional Therapist

My background
Initially graduating in Chemistry from Brunel University and working in the pharmaceutical industry, I later worked as a computer programmer. I had always been interested in medicine, and whilst bringing up my family (twin girls and a boy), I became increasingly drawn to learning about the connection between diet and health, and read widely about this.

I then studied Nutritional Therapy under Dr Lawrence Plaskett, a renowned biochemist, founder of the Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College and gained my Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (D N Med) with distinction after three years. I am registered with the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP).

Where I practise
Based in Winchester I also offer telephone consultations for those further afield.

The therapy
In this therapy, biochemistry and nutrition are combined with naturopathy (natural, drug-free medicine) in order to return the patient to a state of good health. Following completion of a preliminary questionnaire the patient has a detailed consultation lasting about 1½ hours, in which their problems and life history are discussed in depth.

Follow-ups are usually monthly when the progress that has been made is discussed, and the treatment may then be modified. At all times the patient is helped to understand and work with their suggested treatment.

I have studied iridology (iris diagnosis), homoeopathy as an adjunct therapy, and flower essences, particularly the Australian Bush remedies, to help on a different level. More recently I have been using PHYLAK Spagyric Essences.

Having practised nutritional medicine for sixteen years I have a wide range of experience and have achieved some very rewarding results.

I have had articles published in Gut Reaction, the magazine for IBS sufferers.