Nutritional Therapy & Natural Medicine

Case 1
Diane, age 46, working in export office

Main problems
Menopausal hot flushes and night sweats, weight gain.

Other problems
Constant dry cough, dry skin, split nails, frequent bloatedness, shoulder pain from old injury, diarrhoea, sinusitis, dizzy and shaky when hasn't eaten for some time, cracks in corners of mouth, bleeding gums, mild depression.

Current diet
Generally healthy, rather low in fat, plenty of fruit and vegetables. This was not the main problem.

Conclusions following first consultation
This lady exhibited signs of unsteady blood sugar levels, consistent low zinc status, unsteady hormone levels, and her blood pressure was raised. She seemed to have quite high toxicity emanating from the bowel area, a large part of which would have been caused by damage to the natural bowel flora by antibiotics, steroid treatments, anaesthetics and HRT. This will have placed an extra burden on the liver. Her weight problem seemed unconnected with over-eating as she was very careful not to eat too much.

Progress after two months
Hot flushes were now only very occasional and she was sleeping much better. She had lost 13lb, although she had been eating more than before (mainly excess fluids were being lost - not body fat). Shoulder pain was better on the whole and still improving, and she had been able to go swimming for the first time for a long time. Sinuses were clearing and were still improving. Cough had practically gone, bleeding gums were much better, nails were better and she could now wear nail varnish. She said that her hair seemed to be growing thicker and faster, and her tolerance to heat was much better. Blood pressure had dropped from 130/95 to 125/88.

This patient continued to make progress and decided to keep on the same dietary regime as it made her feel so much better than before. When her weight stabilised she had lost 1½ stone.