Nutritional Therapy & Natural Medicine

Case 3
Laura, age 24, music teacher

Main problems
For the last ten days she had not been keeping her food down. She had felt queasy but gone to a party, where she had collapsed with severe pains in her left hand side. She was taken to hospital with a high temperature and put on an antibiotic drip but her veins kept collapsing. Was told she might have pelvic inflammatory disease but tests were inconclusive. Was sent home with three different antibiotics to take, two types of anti-nauseants and two types of pain-killers (15 tablets a day in all).

Other problems
She had been exhausted and anaemic for about two years, and taking iron in the form of ferrous sulphate. The hospital said she had an electrolyte imbalance. Four months ago had had cystitis. Slipped a disc the week previously. Ever since age 18 had laser treatment and cauterisation for pre-cancerous cells in her cervix. Also thrush, constipation, fatigue, stomach pain for six years, bleeding gums, dandruff and hair loss, muscle cramps, acne. She was often tearful.

Current diet
Reasonably good. Long term deficiencies seemed to have been a large part of her problem.

Conclusions following first consultation
This is a case where it shows how important it is not to be too symptom-focused as this young woman was quite ill without a specific named disease.

Progress after two months
Laura remarked that she felt 200% better! Her only remaining problem was itchy skin and flaking scalp. These improved gradually. Her recent smear test had been clear.

I saw Laura a year later, and she was very well and happy.