Nutritional Therapy & Natural Medicine

Case 4
Philip, age 44, insurance consultant

Main problems
IBS with alternating diarrhoea and constipation, acne.

Other problems
Spasmodic bowel pain, headaches.

Current diet

Conclusions following first consultation
This man had been on antibiotics for his acne continuously since age 17/18! This was surely the major cause of his IBS. Acne is often a sign of zinc deficiency.

Progress after two months
Philip discontinued his antibiotics immediately and went onto the nutritional therapy. He said that his constipation was better within a couple of days and he didn't need his antispasmodic medication. The acne on his back had nearly cleared though he still had a little on his face. His headaches were less frequent.

He continued well until he took an anti-inflammatory drug for a sports injury, when he again suffered from temporary abdominal spasms and constipation. He will have to avoid certain types of medication as far as possible.