Nutritional Therapy & Natural Medicine

Case 5
Gregory, aged 42, Company Director

Main problems
Knee and back pain, chest pains, shortness of breath, sometimes struggled for breath in the night, overweight.

Other problems
Depression, exhaustion, severe heart pounding after a little exercise, swollen knees, frequent bloatedness, itching in the anal area, rheumatic pains, increasing clumsiness, burning pain in top of chest. Cardiologist had said that his heart was 25-30% less efficient than it should have been.

Current diet
Quite a good diet, but too much salt. However he consumed 8-12 units of alcohol a day on average (at least two glasses of sherry or vodka and at least a bottle of wine)

Conclusions following first consultation
There were several extra things to bear in mind with this patient: one that his father had died of a heart attack at age 53. Secondly, he told me he used cocaine occasionally. Thirdly, after the second month he admitted to feeling very anxious that his wife would leave him, although he said he had no reason to expect this from her behaviour. This led to feelings of panic in social situations particularly if other men approached his wife. He had been on antidepressants prescribed by his doctor.

Note: Use of cocaine can cause paranoia.

Progress after six weeks
I hardly recognised this man! He had lost 1½ stone in weight, and was positively sparkling. The chest pains and breathlessness had disappeared within a couple of weeks. Energy was much better, knees no longer swollen. Lower back was no longer painful and he was sleeping much better. He was much less anxious.

Unfortunately Gregory did not continue with the treatment having reached this stage so quickly. He returned six months later having regained some weight and feeling anxious again. He did not wish to return to the diet very strictly. I suggested returning to supplements similar to before, and made up a flower remedy for his anxiety symptoms. He re-ordered the remedy several weeks later, saying "What WAS in that bottle?" Flower remedies can be very helpful for emotional problems. I have not heard from him since.